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A Professional Employer Organization in Brazil is a service that allows companies to outsource their human resources, payroll, and other employment-related tasks to a third-party provider. It can benefit your company’s expansion in Brazil by providing local expertise, handling compliance with Brazilian labor laws, and reducing administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

By opting for WIDE Brazil’s services, you gain unique advantages with 100% local focus. This ensures swift market entry into Brazil, streamlines HR processes in accordance with the country’s regulations, effectively reduces legal and compliance risks, and provides access to a highly skilled workforce – all without the need to establish a legal entity in the country.

With WIDE Brazil, you enter a co-employment relationship where WIDE Brazil becomes the legal employer for administrative and compliance purposes, while you retain full control over daily work activities. Critical responsibilities of hiring WIDE Brazil include HR administration, payroll processing, compliance management, benefits administration, and risk mitigation. By handling these tasks, WIDE Brazil empowers you to focus on core business activities while ensuring efficient and compliant workforce management in Brazil.

WIDE Brazil excels at streamlining the hiring process by efficiently managing employee onboarding, contract preparation, and payroll administration. For international companies, it presents a cost-effective solution to establish a presence in Brazil without requiring a physical office. Additionally, with our swift onboarding process, you can expect to have everything set up within 24 hours.

The PEO model with WIDE Brazil can cover various industries and job roles in Brazil, including but not limited to technology, finance, marketing, and customer service.

Yes, WIDE Brazil can assist with visa and work permit requirements for international employees being hired in Brazil, making it easier to bring in foreign talent.

With WIDE Brazil, the cost implications vary based on the provider and the services required. Generally, PEO services offer cost savings compared to setting up a legal entity.

Partnering with WIDE Brazil can help your company navigate through complex HR and payroll procedures, ensuring compliance with local regulations and industry-specific requirements.

No! The duration of the contract period for engaging with a PEO service in Brazil, like WIDE Brazil, can vary based on the agreement between the client company and the PEO provider.

You have landed on the right platform. We are 100% local Brazilian. Different PEO providers in Brazil offer varying levels of support, expertise, and additional services. However, choose WIDE Brazil, a reputable provider with experience in your industry.

There are no restrictions or limitations on hiring foreign nationals through a PEO in Brazil, such as work permit requirements or specific visa categories.

WIDE Brazil specializes in handling employee termination or contract conclusion in full compliance with Brazilian labor laws and termination procedures. Whether you need to navigate end-of-contract arrangements or employee separations, we ensure all steps are taken adhering to the legal framework. Additionally, we provide a 30-day notice period in general, allowing for smooth transitions while maintaining legal and ethical standards.

Yes, WIDE Brazil can assist with talent acquisition and recruitment strategies for specific industries, including the IT sector, leveraging their local network and expertise.

WIDE Brazil providers ensure data privacy and security by implementing robust data protection measures and complying with relevant data regulations.

WIDE Brazil services are tailored to the specific needs and scale of the client company, providing flexibility for small businesses and large enterprises in Brazil.

Yes, WIDE Brazil offers employee training and development programs to help enhance the skills and capabilities of the workforce. These programs can be customized to suit the specific needs of the client company and contribute to the overall growth and success of their business in Brazil.

WIDE Brazil can tailor employee benefits packages based on contract lengths and employment status. Whether it’s short-term or temporary hires, PEOs can provide benefits and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, offering a comprehensive and attractive employment package for both short and long-term employees.

The IT recruitment process in Brazil typically involves posting job openings on job portals, conducting interviews, and verifying candidates’ technical skills and qualifications. However, with WIDE Brazil, you can rest assured as we take care of all your hiring and IT recruitment needs in Brazil, solving any problems that may arise. Moreover, we go the extra mile by providing you with 3 to 5 thoroughly shortlisted candidates within just 4 weeks, ensuring a streamlined and efficient selection process.

Brazilian labor laws contain specific provisions related to the IT industry, such as work hours, overtime compensation, and employee benefits.

Yes, WIDE Brazil can provide additional services such as employee benefits administration or performance management, depending on the agreement.

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Hire Staff through Employer of Record in Brazil

Is it possible to hire foreign workers in Brazil?

Our PEO and Employer of Record Services offer you the flexibility to hire qualified talent in your industry without the hassle of opening your own legal entity. In just a few days, you can easily and safely establish a presence in Brazil, knowing that your staff will be hired in full compliance with labor and tax regulations.

Partner with WIDE Brazil today and unlock a world of seamless HR solutions, compliance expertise, and a skilled workforce. Focus on your core business while we take care of the complexities. Contact us now and embark on a successful journey in the dynamic market of Brazil!

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What is the Minimum Wage in Brazil?

Leverage a Vast Talent Pool

With comprehensive coverage of regional entities and dedicated local assistance, effortlessly tap into a wide array of skilled professionals across the APAC region.

Free Yourself from Liability Worries

Our adept handling of all compliance matters, from contracts and minimum wage to terminations and local regulations, guarantees your peace of mind.

Empower Business Growth

Leave the complexities of benefits administration, tax deductions, pensions, and government fees to us, enabling you to concentrate on propelling your business forward.

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